You are in the general Simtk wiki area.

Each project has its own wiki area, which is independent of every other project.

What is this? enables groundbreaking biomedical research by providing open access to high-quality simulation tools, accurate models and the people behind them. This wiki farm is part of our open access effort. It is available for projects that live on

Each project has its own wiki.

What can I put on this Wiki?

Anything that is pertinent to a project hosted on For example, you can look at the wiki area for SimVascular.

Featured projects on Wiki:

  • SimVascular - Software for cardiovascular modeling and simulation. OpenSim - Software for developing models of musculoskeletal structures and creating dynamic simulations of movement.

How do I setup a project on

Go to the "How to Contribute" page. You’ll be asked to setup a user account. Then you’ll be able to create a project. Projects enable users to:

  • Share source code & documents

  • Provide links to executables, including the ability to download applications
  • Take advantage of our built in bug tracking system
  • Communicate through user forums and mailing lists and post news items

Project owners can restrict access to source code and documents in any given project to members of the project, or make it freely available to the public.

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